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tonight i was able to lead a memorial that was a little different for me. our church, parkview baptist church has a school as a part of it’s ministry, parkview baptist school (makes sense doesn’t it?). last week two of the students’ at the school lost there mom to suicide. i have been invovled in the funerals of people who committed suicide before, but this situation was still different. the mother killed her boyfriend just before killing herself. all this took place right outside the house that the kids were in.

where is GOD in this mess? i mean if HE doesn’t have hope in circumstances like this then i would have to question HIS hope and comfort. these kids didn’t do anything to deserve this.

waterdeep has a song called “18 holes” that says “oh, GOD, it hurts so bad to love anybody down here. why don’t YOU come and help me out? cause i can’t even see clear.” these lyrics pretty much summarize how i feel about the situation. these kids loved their mom, her parents, friends, and family loved her, and now they have to deal with the grief of losing her and the guilt of grieving for her in front of the loved ones of the boyfriend she killed.

hebrews 4 offered hope for this family. our HIGH PRIEST actually can say “blessed are those that mourn” because HE understands our weaknesses and HE has defeated death. HE has won the victory even in this situation. HE can say that “all things work for the good of those who love (HIM) and are called according to HIS purposes” because HE has proven this through personal experience. CHRIST has taken the worst that all the powers, principalities, and even we could throw at HIM and HE has overcome. in HIM there is hope even at a murder/suicide funeral.

where was GOD in this mess? HE was right there holding those kids and telling “I know it hurts but I when in the end. trust ME. I’M in control even here.”

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