the internet strikes again

thanks to the resources of the world wide web i was able to get a new magazine for the built-in cd changer in “fred”. i had called ford and it was going to cost around $80. through this absolutely excellent exploerer website, seriuos explorations, i was able to find out that clarion made the cd changers for the 1998 explorer and i could buy one of their changers for much less.

so i did. it cost $29 through crutchfield.

but no my friends that’s not all. the display on “fred’s” radio was out when i bought him and i want to fix it – after all i now have the capability of holding 7 different cd’s in my system at any one time. i need the display to be able to tell which one i’m listening to. i found a few “fixes” on the internet but i couldn’t get any to work for me. of course, the internet then provided another means of beating my local ford dealer. i found a company that refurbishes ford radios. ca-ching!

thank you al gore for inventing this wonderful world of internet technology.

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