my own personal olympics

this morning my wife, pam, and youngest child, noah, decided to challenge me to a game of “trouble.” they had been playing all morning and felt that they had the definite advantage within the game. they were cocky and prideful in they’re approach to playing me. “surely,” they thought “we have more skill in the game of “trouble” than robert does.” they exchanged knowing laughs as i approached the table. little did they know that i am the king of “trouble“. i rule that game.

i won’t go into the terrible details of the game. it is enough to say that i allowed them to get all their pieces out while i kept my at “home” and yet i still won. it was so bad that half-way through the game noah was reduced to tears and begged to be let out of the game. i relented and allowed him to surrender gracefully. pam on the other hand was a different story. even when it was obvious that i was going to win the game she still refused to acknowledge it. therefore, i had to trounce her into the floor. there is no family loyalty within the game of “trouble.” at least pam now knows who the king of “trouble

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