whirley pop

the past two days have been boring – which is good because that was my goal for these two days. i haven’t really done anything except stay around the house. therefore, i don’t really have anything fun and exciting to write about. thus i will write about one of my real passions.

now i am definitely passionate about JESUS CHRIST, and i am passionate about my family, and youth ministry, and chili dogs – i have a video that discusses the 100 best chili dog places in the nation and i want to eat at every one. yet after those popcorn would probably be the next love in my life. i know it sounds stupid but i really love making stove top popcorn at my house. no microwave junk popcorn for me. my popcorn has to be made in a “whirley pop” popcorn popper. it the only way to fly. you have to use the right oil – coconut is best – and you need to have the right popcorn – i prefer white popcorn which i think is lighter.

i know it’s probably stupid but i really do love it.

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