joyful noise?

i realized something yesterday – I AM A REALLY BAD SINGER!

wednesday night riley, who normally leads the singing, was stuck in traffic and unable to be at the view. the problem is that i really can’t stand the thought of postponing a worship service based on a person. therefore, i decided that if riley was still stuck in traffic by the time we started i would go ahead and lead the singing part of our worship. i figured i lead you guys in singing on sunday mornings, mission trips, and such so i couldn’t be that bad. at least, that’s what i thought. so armed with my six-string and praying that riley would show before we actually started singing i went up on stage and lead y’all in prayer. while y’all prayed over how great the summer had been i was praying “please LORD let riley walk in now.” i’m not sure i have ever prayed so desperately in my life. i prayed so hard sweat poured down my face.

of course, i forgot that my GOD likes to push us out of our comfort zones and HE has a great sense of humor. apparently GOD knew i needed to be pushed into something i wasn’t ready for and i guess HE needed a good laughed too because riley didn’t walk in at that moment.

nope! i was stuck on the stage with john and blaine and we all knew that i was the one stuck singing. so i started singing hoping that i wouldn’t be too bad.

i’ve never actually listened to a recording of myself singing. i listen to my messages all the time because it’s a great way to improve the way you speak. thursday morning i listened to myself sing for the very first time and now i have only one question … “why hasn’t anyone ever told me how bad i sound?

i never actually thought that i was a good signer but i did at least think i was normally decent. i’m not! i’m extremely bad. if we had a worst singer competition i would rate up there with william hung. i’m surpirsed that there weren’t dogs outside the student center howling while i was singing.

why hasn’t anybody ever told me this before. i mean really. i lead some of you in singing every sunday morning at sunday school and on tons of retreats and mission trips. i’ve been leading youth and adults in singing for around 9 years. yet, none of your had enough decency to tell me “robert, you’re pretty bad at singing.”

i’m okay with sounding bad around our normal people but we have lots of guests with us each sunday morning at sunday school. i don’t want all of our guests thinking that we consider my voice good. i blame you people for any guests we have that have left with permanent hearing damage because of my voice.

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