ministry oxymoron

the past three weeks have been confusing ministry-wise. i have experienced some of the most affirming ministry compliments i have ever received and yet at the same time i have been as dissatisfied with ministry as i have ever been.

the “pats on the back” have poured in over the past three weeks. i’ve had parents and students complimenting what we have been doing within the student ministry of parkview. these compliments haven’t just been “oh, my kids had allot of fun at that event” or “my kids really laughed allot the other night.” no, people have mentioned specific things that have brought them closer to GOD. in fact, one student even went to the point of making a powerpoint presentation complimenting me and giving it to me on a cd-rom. every time i’ve turned around someone has complimented what we’ve been doing.

the problem is that i feel completely dissatisfied with where i am at right now because none of the other ministerial staff at the church seem to recognize the youth ministry as important. i seem to always be getting the “i remember when i was a ‘youth director'” phrase. the problem is that i’m not a youth director. i’m not just using the youth minister position as a way to “move up” to another position. this is what GOD has called me to. it is the most important ministry in the world and i wish that some members of the church staff would recognize its value. i love these people. i think the world of them. yet, i’m tired of what i see as a lack of respect. i’m sure that i’m probably just misreading everyone, but it is how i feel right now.

i wish these feelings would hurry up and fade because its hard to remember the “pats on the back” when i’m feeling so defeated.

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