politics in the 21st century

adam terrell for presidentforget about the battle for president. don’t worry about whether bush or kerry will win. that political battle is meaningless. the real political campaign for the year finished yesterday. it was the race for president of the parkview baptist elementary school. i know this because adam, my oldest son, was one of the candidates. i was his graphic designer.:)

there were 10 kids running for president so adam wanted everything that he did to stand out. therefore, we decided to use allot of humor during his campaign. the funniest thing we could think of was defacing mount rushmore with adam’s face. we decided to replace thomas jefferson (after all what did jefferson ever do? the whole declaration of independence thing is over rated) so i cut out a picture of adam’s mug and placed it over jefferson’s face. now i know some of your budding andy warhols could do much better than i did. you could probably take adam’s face and make it match up perfectly with mount rushmore. yet, i felt pretty good with my attempt. after all for the elementary presidential race it was “top-notch”. i was sure his poster would win the campaign for him.

i was so sure of the win that i began to map out adam’s life for him. after all, the elementary school presidency is just the beginning. this election would start adam’s political career and soon i would have a representative, senator, and/or president for a son. one day i would be known as the father of the president of the united states. everyone knows that its the father of the president who determines how good of a president he is (that was clinton’s problem – his dad was missing in action). i was on my way because of my political son.

of course, we do live in louisiana so i should have expected the election to be crooked. i’m not sure how but i know that the whole thing was rigged. some girl won the election. those feminists ruined everything. they always do. everyone knew that adam’s posters were better. now i have to figure out another way to live vicariously through my kids.

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