i’ve been linked!

kevin, a friend of mine, has linked to an entry in my blog today and that’s wonderful.

now people have listed the blog on their links before and i appreciate it when they do. it’s great that anyone would think that someone else might want to read this stuff (either because they like what they read or they think it is so stupid that they find humor in it’s idiocy) and therefore post a link to it. this actually confuses me because i would think that most people, including the homeless, would have better things to do than to waste 15 minutes or so a day reading my blog. still i do appreciate my little audience (basically my parents and a guy in belarus who doesn’t really understand english – hi mom! hi dad! hi boris!).

yet, that’s not what i’m talking about here. kevin, posted a link in his blog to a specific entry that i had made previously in my blog.

this is tremendous!

the reason it is so great is that by posting a link to a specific entry within my blog kevin is saying that i have made a point! I HAVE MADE A POINT! now it might not be a good point, in fact, kevin could have posted the link to my blog for the sole reason of disagreeing with what i had said. yet nonetheless, by posting a link to a specific entry on my blog the linker has said that i have made a statement worthy of responding to. agreement or disagreement doesn’t really matter. all that matters is that my statement was worth responding to. think of all the things you hear throughout your day that you consider unworthy of your attention. there are alot of those things. we ignore a great deal of what we hear. yet at least one statement that i made on september 24th was worth responding back to and that’s good to know.

of course, now i have to try and live up to this new standard. now i have to write something else worth linking to directly. i’m not really sure i can handle all that pressure. oh, the weight is bearing in on my soul. it’s simply too much responsibility. i don’t think i can bear it. why did you do this to me kevin? why did you throw this heavy load on my shoulders? curse you kevin. curse you and your link! aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!

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