go soxs

i’m not the biggest fan of major league baseball but i do get interested in it when the playoffs arrive. if the detroit tigers aren’t in the play-offs (which they never are anymore) i usually just pull for the st. louis cardinals (whom i love from my time in missouri) or the team that i believe has the greatest chance of beating the atlanta braves, whom i despise (this has a lot to do with ted turner and the whole “america’s team” thing – who elected them?). i rarely care about the american league but that’s not true this year though because the red soxs have won me over. i can not believe they have come back in the alcs from three games behind. the past three games have been incredible, full of suspense and excitement. i mean really, tonight we even had police in riot gear on the field. if major league baseball was always this exciting everyone would watch it. i’m sure fox sports has loved this because i am sure that these games have helped their ratings.

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