all saints eve

happy reformation day aka happy all saints eve aka happy halloween.

as most of your know tonight was halloween and you may not know this but alot of people like to dress up in costumes and go from house to house begging for candy. it’s an odd custom but people seem to love it. as a kid my family and i loved halloween. each year we would convert our house into the best house in the neighborhood to get candy from. we created a dummy that we would hang with a noose from the biggest tree in our front yard (btw, the dummy was not my dad – HA). our yard was littered with graves bearing dressed up mummies, vampires, and various other ghouls which would come to life whenever anyone passed by them. then we would take our stereos and play sound scary sound effects out of our windows. when i was a kid i was convinced that it was the scariest thing the world had ever seen.

of course, that was looking through the eyes of a kid which also seem to make things bigger and better than they actually are.

when i was in high school at northview high school we had several places that we were convinced were incredibly scary. one of those places was the “witch’s grave.” this was a a tree that had a hole in it and inside that hole were the supposed remains of the witch. the “mythology” around the tree/grave was that hundreds of years ago a witch had been killed and buried in the hole of the tree. her skull was still supposed to be in the tree and if you were truly brave you could reach into the hole of the tree and touch the skull of the witch. of course, it was actually just a dog skull or something similar. it was truly scary when i was 16 years old and it was midnight. so everyone and their momma would drive over the the farmer’s property where the witch’s grave was found and then reached into the dark hole to touch the skull. it was incredibly chilling at the time.

it was even more frightening since the only time i went to the “witch’s grave” we were chased away by the owner of the property. we went to the tree and jumped out to go touch the skull. as we were convincing each other to touch the skull the farmer came out of his house and started screaming for us to leave. if we hadn’t of been convinced by his screaming we were definitely move to action by the shotgun in his hands. the deciding factor was when he shot the gun off in the air. we hoped in our vehicles and got out of their as fast as possible. i’m not sure how scary the “witch’s grave” actually was but i know for a fact that the shot gun was very frightening.

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