turn over & turkey

i just thought i would tell everyone and anyone who reads this blog (basically my parents – hi mom! hi dad!) that fred, the explorer crossed the 100,000 mile threshold this evening while on a trip from baton rouge, louisiana to mobile, alabama. i took a picture of the moment but i’m not sure that it came out – i was using a VERY cheap digital camera without a flash while it was dark. the whole family celebrated for a moment or two and then moved on.

a side note – i had the most incredible shopping experience of my life today. i went to american key & locksmith today to have a few duplicates of keys made so that i would have spare of everything. when i entered the busy store – i love key stores because they are always so full of random things that have probably been in the same place for years – i was overwhelmed by the smell of freshly smoked meat. i looked to my right and noticed a banquet table of various meat products in the middle of the store. the locksmith who was helping me with my keys most have noticed that i was overtaken by the smell because he immediately told me that the food was for customers and therefore i could dig in. my time waiting for the keys to be made was spent joyfully eating two smoked turkey sandwiches. it was the best experience i have ever had in a store bar none. in fact, the only way it could have been better would have been for me to have a lazy boy recliner there to sit in while i ate my smoked turkey sandwiches.

why couldn’t walmart do something like that. shopping would be so much better if you got a free smoked turkey sandwich every where you went.

p.s. speaking of my ford explorer and keys made me think of the new mustang gt ’05 cornfield add. if you haven’t seen it or you just want to watch it again here it is.