closed cornfield

i just re-watched the ’05 mustang commercial and found something within it that makes me laugh – i posted it in my entry of november 24th. when the image of steve mcqueen starts driving the mustang a disclaimer pops up on the bottom of the screen. you’re probably used to this because these disclaimers always pop up tell us how the track and driver were special and we should never try to do any of this stuff. here’s what this disclaimer said:

closed cornfield. professional driver

like there is such a thing as an “open cornfield.” it makes me laugh.

pink house shoes

every monday morning jessica, alan, and i meet at cc’s coffeehouse. it supposed to be a time of shaping the future of the youth ministry and discussing the over riding big picture concerns of ministry. sometimes we do this. of course, other times we just sit around, drink coffee, and laugh over what has happened during the past week.

yesterday, i arrived earlier than normal only to find out that alan had done the same thing. so we sat around talked with each other and with the other people we knew who seemed to “pop” into cc’s about every 10 minutes or so. while we were there a young lady walked in wearing a ratty pair of fuzzy pink bed room shoes. this was a little odd but the part that disturbed my thought the most was that the rest of her appearance was made up for the day. while, i couldn’t describe her for a police line up or spot her in a crowd, i do remember that she had her makeup on, her hair was nicely fix, and she was wearing nice clothes that were meant for going out into the world and try to impress someone (i don’t have many clothes like this which is why i remember it). she looked very nice, very awake, and very ready for a day around town, except for the fact that she was walking around with a fuzzy pair of pink slippers.

these weren’t even nice slippers that someone could actually think were supposed to be shoes. nope, they were the type that you just slip your toes in. they were the slippers that women put on to keep their feet warm when they are at home and don’t expect anyone worth impressing to show up – the second rate slippers that do a great job of comforting but look like you should walk around with curlers and a muu muu. the fuz on these things was at least four inches high – so it looked like someone had glued large pink cotton balls to the front of her feet. the shoes were also quite dirty. you could tell that these slippers had been used a good bit.

but apparently my slipper wearing friend didn’t care how they looked because she wore them anyway. she order her coffee and left gliding smoothly on her pink cottny foot appareal. it was nice to see a woman who didn’t care about shoe fashion and wasn’t willing to hurt her feet. rather, she was going to wear what she enjoyed. of course, there is also the other possiblity that she had a pair of “cute” shoes that killed her feet in the car and she would put those on as soon as she got to work. i prefer to think the former rather than the latter.

do this in remberance of me – the ooze – articles

article – do this in remberance of me by steve humphreys – the ooze

an interesting article that summarizes the nature of memory and then comes back to the LORD’s supper. do we “create consumers out of participants” in the LORD’s supper by focusing on receiving the LORD’s supper rather than focusing on remembering “HIS death until HE comes”? it’s a good question.

when we do the LORD’s supper as a youth ministry (which we only do when we are on mission trips or retreats and not able to receive it with the whole church family) we focus on the fact that it is a celebration. we are remembering until HE comes again. one day HE will come again and the feast will begin. we try to focus on LORD’s supper celebration toward the fact that the day of the wedding feast is fast approaching. one day we will be together forever.