it’s a boy! or two!

indian supper
pam and i have two new children – sort of. for quite some time we’ve been dealing with the question of what biblical hospitality is. part of the answer for us has been a need to bring people into our family who are not entirely like us ethnically, socially, educationally, and all those other “lys”. because of this pam made contact with with l.s.u. to see if there were any international students that were wanting an “adopted” american family. that’s how we have our new kids. pam and i are now the proud adopted parents of a 27 and 24 year old bouncing baby indians. they are sam (27) and bajjee (24).

they came over for supper tonight and we spent the evening talking and learning about each other. i don’t know many indians so i didn’t have muh past cultural experience to work with. before tonight all i knew of indian culture was what i had read (which i didn’t think was much but was apparently enough). now after spending an evening with two indians i feel that i am an expert on indian culture.

so here are my hard and fast rules for those wanting to understand indian culture:

  • indians hate carrots – i’m not sure why (probably a civil war or something fought over them) but every indian i have ever known hates carrots.
  • indians love blackberry cobbler – the indians i have known have really liked cobbler VERY much.
  • indians can tolerate chicken divan – every indian i have ever known has considered chicken divan worth eating but if they had a choice they would choose buffalo wings.
  • indians naturally cause children to kick into “show off” gear – i’m not sure why but my kids respond to indians by trying to impress them by doing any magic tricks, random drumming on a djembe, or even doing the worm.

okay actually the evening was a lot of fun and it taught me that i basically know nothing about indian culture. of course, i’m still convinced that indians hate carrots. that just seems obvious to me.


the leader’s material for our discipleNOW has finally been published. we finished it today. i also finished the student material and we started publishing it. it would like to see an adobe acrobat version of the material CLICK HERE. there is still plenty that needs to be done on the Dnow but life is much better now that i know the leaders will soon have their material.