not a happy clown

the above picture is all that i have to remember the horrific episode that happened yesterday. i have set myself a flickr goal of posting one decent picture a day on flickr (i’m not sure that i could say any of my pictures are “good picutres” so i’ve set my goal for merely decent). this wouldn’t be to terribly hard if i could use all the pictures that i have taken over my life but that’s not part of the bargain i made with myself. the deal i made was that i could only use one “old” picture a week. all the other pictures had to be taken during the week in which i was posting. this means i have to take pictures constantly in order to get just a few that have the relatively high for me rank of “decent.”

yesterday i was blank on decent pictures. i didn’t have any “decent” non-posted pictures from the week waiting in the background ready to be placed on the photoblog. so i had to go on a picture hunt. i decided that i would go take so pictures down at the state capitol building. i figured that even on a gloomy day the statues around the capitol would look cool. i was wrong! the day was simply “bla” and i couldn’t find a good shot (this is where the difference between me and a good photographer becomes obvious – someone with skill would fid a great shot on such a terrible day). to make things even worse i had a horrific event happen on the way down to the capitol.

on the way down to the capitol i saw a clown in full costume driving on tiger bend street. i figured this would be a great shot. i mean really who wouldn’t love a picture of a clown driving through the streets of baton rouge. so i rolled down my window, started honking, and began shouting at the clown. i was holding my camera out with my free hand and screaming “i want to take your picture! please let me take your picture.” the female clown must not have heard me because her car sped up away from me. so i pressed the accelartor pedal and caught up. i started screaming again and but then the clown’s car slowed down. she must have been having some car trouble or something. so i slowed down till the clown’s car caught up with me again. once again, i started screaming and waving my camera. all i wanted was a picture of the clown in her car driving. for some reason this offended her because the next thing i knew she stared right at me and flipped me off.

that’s right the clown gave me “the bird.”

after flipping me off the she pulled into the turning lane and turned down jones creek road and out of my life. the above picture was all i was able to get as i sat in stunned silence. you’re barely even able to see the stupid clown in the picture. i hate clowns.