the view – may 4, 2004

jonathan's station
last night at “the view” jonathan, our minister of belonging, wanted to do a worship station on trusting GOD during difficult times. this seems only appropriate since he lives with type iii gaucher’s disease every day. he has experienced more physical and social suffering than i ever will (imagine having co-workers at old navy throw tennis balls at your hump). jonathan knows a thing or two about walking the hard road and he did a good job of conveying how GOD strengthens those who look at HIM.

jonathan volunteers two to three days a week within the youth ministry. there are somethings that jonathan can’t do because of the gaucher’s (heavy lifting is out, anything involving heights isn’t going to happen, and sometimes small print work screws with his eyes) but he is willing to learn new things, he’ll try all he can to accomplish what he can, and he will be there with you when you do the stuff that he physically can’t. pretty much every tuesday and wednesday he’s my buddy for the day and does everything with me. each day i grow more and more thankful for him being around.

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