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episode iii part 1
i’ve now seen star wars episode iii: revenge of the sith twice (once this morning at 12:02 a.m. and once this afternoon at 2:00 p.m.) and i now feel like i can make a few comments concerning the movie.

  • it was a decent movie (much better than episode i and slightly better than episode ii) but it still doesn’t even come close to episodes iv and v (episode vi is too close to call in my opinion).
  • while impressive in technology and story aspects lucas stinks at dialogue. the worst scenes within the movie were when they stopped to talk. i laughed at almost every scene between padme and vader. lucas should never write a love story. it would simply be too cheesy. anytime lucas tried to add “depth” to the film it just sounded stupid. for instance read this dialouge: vader – “if your not for me … you’re my enemy!” obi wan – “only sith deal in absolutes!” hmmmm? is that an absolute that only sith deal in absolutes?
  • obi wan is “the man” of star wars – within the movies he defeats darth maul and darth vader while anakin/vader defeats dooku and the emperor (wtih help from from luke on the emperor).
  • watching a movie with a full theater that is really into a movie is much better than watching it with a crowd that is sort of in to it – last night people cheered and laughed out loud while this afternoon there simply wasn’t much involvement within the movie.

anyhow it was nice to see the story ended.
episode iii part 2

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