i love “hand me downs.” i know some youth ministers complain about getting the “big church’s” left overs because they feel like it belittles or degrades their ministry but that’s not me. nope i love getting older stuff for free. today i received four ellipsoidal lights to replace four of our par64 cans. we use 9 par64 cans to illuminate our stage (and circle when we worship “in the round” – which is pretty frequent). these had been “hand me downs” from “big church” about two years ago. they have worked decent and their price was perfect – free. today i got the 4 ellipsoidal lights that our music minister had just lying around. the lights are in perfect condition they had merely been replaced because our church auditorium “needed” newer better lighting fixtures. the ellipsoidal lights are much more focusable than par cans and thus more controllable. putting these in means i have the opportunity to place better lighting and and use the older lights to illuminate “worship stations” in the back (now we have to improvise lighting for those stations).

all this for the greatest price ever – free. i would much rather use budget money for ministry and i don’t consider lights ministry.

the diagram above is my cat scratch from my journal of what we are going to do.

SIDE NOTE – the last hour of “24” is on right now. woo hoo!

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