when it rains it pours

yesterday i commented on it raining and me desiring for it to continue. well i received my wish and then some. it’s been cloudy since yesterday afternoon and this morning during our 9:30 a.m. worship service/sunday school hour it cut lose. it began to storm and continued to storm throughout the hour. in fact, it rained so hard that it knocked down a large limb from one of the oak trees in the church parking lot right on top of two cars. thankfully nobody was in the cars.

when the second worship/sunday school hour ended and people were transferring to the next worhip/sunday school hour it was still raining hard. of course, nobody had brought an umbrella because the weather men & women had been saying it was going to rain for a week. so everyone who came into our 11 a.m. sunday school class was soaked. it was quite a site and made for a good bit of laughter. i like laughter.

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  1. I missed the 9:30 service, but made it for my SS class at 11. The two year olds were asking me why I was so wet, about 6″ at the bottom of my pants. I quickly told them I was jumping in puddles, so we were all jumping around the class in pretend puddles. I hope they forgot about it by the time they were going to their cars!!
    I still can’t believe it about those cars, what a way to be greeted after church.

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