what a rip

as i have mentioned before i’m going to the simple way in philadelphia for a week in october – something i am very excited about. to add to the adventure of the trip i thought i would travel to philly by greyhound bus. i haven’t taken a commercial passenger bus on a long trip since i was a kid and i thought it would be fun to take one. i knew it would take a good bit longer than an airplane or train (36 six hour each way). still i assumed that i would meet a ton of people on the trip and it would surly produce some excellent stories. pam wasn’t very keen on the idea but she loves me and loves my adventures so i was pretty sure i could convince her to give in.

the problem occurred when i actually looked at making a reservation. to travel from baton rouge to philadelphia via greyhound bus actually costs more than it would cost for me to fly to philadelphia and rent a car or take a taxi to the simply way. it was going to cost $270 to travel by bus versus $215 to travel by air. i was amazed. how can greyhound survive when it actually costs more to travel in a less comfortable manner? this is where my cheap side kicks in. i simply can’t justify to myself paying more to travel by bus.

i guess greyhound is making allot of money off delivering packages.

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