today i learned something that saddened me and excited me at the same time. what i learned was that the two days that we fed kids at the dump during our nicaraguan mission trip where the exception to the rule rather than the norm. our church is presently sponsoring meals at three different locations. together these spots feed more or less 1,000 kids. unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough money to start and additional feeding site within the diriamban dump that would feed the 200-300 kids who live there. in order to start a new station you have to make sure that you have guaranteed income so that the feeding program won’t stop in the future. the baltadonnas try to feed the dump kids when they can but “when they can” usually happens about once a week. that’s the sad part.

the exciting part is that it only costs $300 a month to feed the kids that live in the dump. that’s not allot of money. i discussed the issue with jim wallace and ended by telling him that i believe that all of us within the youth ministry would like to start covering the cost for adding a feeding station at the dump. we’ll talk about this over the next few weeks but i really believe it’s something we can do. start thinking about this now. i really believe we can do this and raise enough additional support so that we have a solid “cushion” to guarantee continued support off feeding the kids at the dump.

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  1. Sounds like a good move. Your mom and I have desided that we can swing a couple of months. We committ $600.00. We will mail the check when you tell us how to make it out.

    Love you and keep up the good work,

    Mom and Dad

  2. I am heartbroken by this story and thank you for your dedication to these children in this dump. Could you post some more information on this situation and explain how these families got into this awful state. I would like to donate a bit of money, but I am not quite sure who to contact. I want to make sure that the $ lands in mouths of those children specifically. God Bless

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