sometimes i just wish JESUS would clean house

today i read in jordon cooper’s website that things with his diabetes are looking pretty bad, to the point that he might not make it through the whole thing. when i read that i wanted to post a comment of support on his blog and went to leave the comment. when i hit the comments on the post i was amazed to find the following comment from an anonymous poster:

I can’t say I am that upset. Whatever suffering you and Wendy have, you brought it upon yourselves.

i was stunned. cooper makes reference every now and then to some unnamed persons or people who are out to emotionally hurt his wife. i seen this person(s) make a few comments but still i was amazed that anyone could be this callous.

i decided i would check the comments on his wife’s, wendy’s, blog to see if there was anything on it. sure enough the following comment was on it.

It’s day of celebration here. You and Jordon get what you deserve.

again i was dumbfounded. how can anyone be so heartless. my hope that this is not a person that claims the name of CHRIST. for all i know it could be. sometimes i just wish JESUS would come and kick rear because that’s what this calls for.

expanding my new hobby

if you ask pam i think she would agree that i like hobbies that involve learning and teaching myself something. for example, along with my dad and brother i got into computers back when i was in college. i learned as much as i could about putting them together, basic programming, and doing as much as i could with them. i stil love goofing off with the stupid things. about nine years ago i decided it was finally time for me to learn how to fly fish. i read everything i could, talked to everyone i knew who did it, and finally taught myself how to throw a fly so that a trout would take it. after fly fishing it was learning to play the guitar, and then it was learning to tie my own flies for fly fishing, then it was blogging, etc., etc. itโ€™s always something new and the old hobbies always stick with me (i.e I still fish, play guitar, etc.)

over the past year i have slowly but surely gotten into digital photography (mainly thanks to looking at alan’s and brad’s photos). i’ve been slowly learning and experiencing as much as i could concerning what it means for a photo to be “good.” after a year of really being into photography i have finally reached the point of convincing pam and myself that it is okay for me to get a good digital slr. of course, a good digital slr costs around $1,000 and that type of money is not considered “chump change” around the terrell household. $1,000 is about 1/4 what my truck cost and therefore i don’t casually go out and spend that type of money on a camera. so i’ve been coming up with ways to try and save the money necessary to buy a nikon d70s. i figure it will take me about 6 months to a year to have the money i need.

the problem with this is that i’m not sure that i can maintain a continual learning curve for a year without and photographic gratification. but that problem has been solved by the world of toy cameras. i have decided to buy a $40 lubitel 166 camera and take a decidedly “low tech” approach to photography while i am saving up for my “high tech” digital slr. the lubitel 166 is a soviet camera for the 1980s that has interesting optics and absolutely no technology to make taking a picture easier. there’s no auto focus, automatic film advance, automatic aperture setting, or any of those fancy new fangeled things. nope the lubitel 166 is a shutter, some film, and a button.

i’m watching the prices of a few of the lubi’s on ebay right now and i will buy one within the next day or two. it should be a blast and it will definitely give me something to “learn” until i buy a better digital camera.

btw, i just bought a light meter off of ebay for $5.