how great is my wife?

it was my wedding anniversary yesterday. pam and i have now officially spent 15 years together in wedded bliss. true romantic that i am i bought pam a lamp. sometimes i amaze even myself with how romantic i am (grin).

pam on the other hand went all out on my gift. we have a general rule of spending no more than $50 to $60 bucks for a gift no matter what the occasion. sometimes we go over a little but we stay pretty close to that range. it forces more creativity and thus the gift usually becomes more meaningful. case in point the lamp. pam quilts constantly. i once overheard her mention something about this particular lamp. i then remembered that random statement and went out looking for it. the lamp then becomes a physical reminder that i listen to my wife.

we do all of our money stuff together. i don’t spend large amounts of money without going through her and she does the same thing with me. about three months ago pam asked if she could dramatically go over the spending limit. she wanted to spend one of her whole paychecks on a gift for me. who am i to try and stop her from buying a gift? so she went to work on this mystery gift. she has been dying to tell me about it for quite sometime. everyone i know has known about the gift and would keep saying how great it is. the waiting has been miserable.

yesterday pam gave me the gift. it’s a two day trip to nyc to see the play “spamalot.” how cool is that? two days in nyc for picture taking and then watching david hyde pierce in spamalot. i have a great wife.

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  1. I knew! I knew! I’m so excited for you both. And yes, you have a really great wife! Happy Anniversary guys.
    Angela V.

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