sometimes i just wish JESUS would clean house

today i read in jordon cooper’s website that things with his diabetes are looking pretty bad, to the point that he might not make it through the whole thing. when i read that i wanted to post a comment of support on his blog and went to leave the comment. when i hit the comments on the post i was amazed to find the following comment from an anonymous poster:

I can’t say I am that upset. Whatever suffering you and Wendy have, you brought it upon yourselves.

i was stunned. cooper makes reference every now and then to some unnamed persons or people who are out to emotionally hurt his wife. i seen this person(s) make a few comments but still i was amazed that anyone could be this callous.

i decided i would check the comments on his wife’s, wendy’s, blog to see if there was anything on it. sure enough the following comment was on it.

It’s day of celebration here. You and Jordon get what you deserve.

again i was dumbfounded. how can anyone be so heartless. my hope that this is not a person that claims the name of CHRIST. for all i know it could be. sometimes i just wish JESUS would come and kick rear because that’s what this calls for.

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