robert’s calls for hugo chavez to be assassinated – i have a better target in mind :)

CLICK HERE to read the new york times article – robertson is pilloried for assassination call
would some one please tell me how “assassination” fits into CHRIST’s plan for the kingdom?

i just can not get it through my mind how a supposedly CHRIST-honoring show can make bold statements about assassinating a non-hitler type ruler. chavez is no saint and personally i think it was great if he wasn’t in power. some say he’s driving his country economically into the ground. yet he’s not committing human rights violations on a huge scale. whose lives will be saved by killing such a man? the only thing that will be saved by assassinating him is money and oil. in my opinion this is not a very good reason for toppling a government and almost a blasphemous reason when it comes from someone who professes to be a follower of CHRIST.

i’m really ready for some sane CHRISTians to start being the public mouth-pieces of the religious right. i’m tired of being “lumped in” with these psychos.

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  1. Unbelievable!!! Where does he get his theology… At what point did these people stop realizing that the foundation of Christ is unconditional love? Are we to hate our brothers and assassinate those that persecute us now? Unbelievable!!!

    -Pat Man

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