we’re okay

for those who have emailed and commented asking if we are okay i am glad to report that the terrell family is fine and dandy. i will try to respond to all the email as i get a chance.

if you a parkview church member and you have been trying to contact anyone on staff through their cell phone just go ahead and give up for a while. all of our phones are dead in the water. try calling home numbers. i am in the book so just look me up in the white pages.

we will have church tonight. we need to spend some time in prayer, worship, and discussion on how to mobilize for some more work with the evacuees. i just came back from working in the shelter in the denham springs high school and the one in the denham springs junior high. there is a large need to do something organized with the kids there. we’ll talk.

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  1. hey robert,
    I realy wanted to go to church tonite….please update ur blogger friends on whats going on…we have school tomorrow…and i have like 3 tests and stuff…and it all seems so trivial after seeing all the stuff on TV…please pray…thnx..

  2. Hey Robert…..

    It’s Avis Wilmore, Jonathan’s mom. Glad to hear you guys are okay.
    The diaster for our neighbors makes me want to help in any way I can.
    Of course, I have to work but certainly if there is anything I can do Saturday or Sunday, I’m able and willing.

    As you would expect…my wonderful son, Jonathan is biting at the bit and wants to help as well.

    Anyway, email @ the above address or @ yellowrosebudd@aol.com and let me know what I can do. Or, you can try the cell but that’s a hit and miss thing. Of course, you can leave a message and let me know as well.

    Thank you

    Avis Wilmore (Jonathan’s mom)

  3. i went to DSJH today and went around trying to entertain the kids, get drinks, and see if they needed anything else, and just be there for them and talk to them about Jesus. It wasn’t easy since i was the only person, but we do need some sort of organization plan going on over there. It’s a mess over there, from the time I arrived early this morning, till I left, it was ridiculous. I loved the kids though. There was many infants, that needed care, that was sweating so badly and running extreme temperatures.

    I wanted so badly just to do everything I could for them, but being the one person I am, I couldn’t do everything. All I could do was pray, pray, pray, pray. It breaks my heart to see people hurting like this….

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