does anyone who reads this blog own the dvd series firefly? i watched the movie “serenity” this past weekend and was amazed by what a good movie it is. i’ve been told that “firefly” the television show that the movie was a continuation of is just as good. unfortunately blockbuster does not stock it. i’m not sure i want to buy the dvd set until ‘ve at least seen one and can judge for myself if it is as good as the movie or not. thus i am begging you people. if you have the set please let me borrow it. i promise to bring it back without peanut butter stuffed into the box.

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  1. Get the DVD box set! it is soo good. you will watch it over and over and over. It is well worth your money. I own 2 sets so I can lend one to my friends so that they get addicted to it too.

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