multimedia prayer

here’s the multimedia prayer i developed within swish for “the view” tomorrow night. it’s my own paraphrase of the prayer suffrage b from the daily evening prayer: rite one out of the book of common prayer. the ambient music in the background came from the “podsafe” mp3s of it’s from a band called “anyma.” pretty cool stuff in my opinion.

within firefox it loops for some reason that i don’t understand. it might do the same thing within other browsers but i don’t use any other browsers at my church computer so i can’t really judge that. the flash file itself doesn’t loop.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m Ghislain from Anyma,let me take a moment to thank you for using our music for your prayer, it is truly an honor to inspire people in such a way.


  2. Is Swish a user friendly program? I am thinking about getting it but I didn’t know if you need to be an engineer to understand it and to use it? Please tell me what you think.

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