sabbath 2006

this past weekend was the second time i have done a sabbath retreat with our youth. i posted about last year’s sabbath here. here, and here. the “sabbath” is a weekend that focuses on spiritual disciplines, solitude, quietness, community, and rest.

last year i wasn’t sure how the whole thing would work. it went much better than i could ever have expected. so we did it again this past weekend and it i was once again thankful for it. of course, i will change a few things next year. the first of which is to go back to three days and two nights. this year we did only friday and saturday rather than friday, saturday, and sunday. the extra day makes a huge difference. to paraphrase the end of “animal farm” – “two days good, three days bettter.”

in a world full of electronic noise the sabbath weekend has one electronic moment. we view a film together and then discuss the spiritual implications and themes of the movie. last year we watched “a knight’s tale” – a film that was full of discussion. deciding to stick with movies that had adam tudyk within them i showed serenity for us this year. i had not heard much about this movie before. we loved it. it was great. not only was it an entertaining movie but it also led to some great discussion.

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