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my cute, beautiful, intelligent wife is away for the week working on an operation smile project in managua, nicaragua (i am very proud of her). she’s been gone since wednesday and will be gone until next saturday. because of this i am watching allot of movies and reading a good bit – not much conversation around the house when my boys go to sleep. here are a few of my thoughts on what i have been reading and watching.

  • memento – movie – the language in this movie is rougher than i usually like in a movie. i am sensitive to coarse language in a movie and therefore usually avoid anything with much cursing in it. i watched this because of one of the books i am currently reading. the book referenced the movie as an amazing non-linear story. boy was it right. the movie is exceptionally well crafted. i have heard this for years but avoided the movie because of the language. i still wish it didn’t have such harsh language within it but this movie is one of a kind.
  • reel theology – book – some amazing thoughts on why film is so important to our post-modern culture. i love the thought of claiming truth where ever it is found.
  • antwone fisher – movie – what an amazing movie! i haven’t gone through physical or sexual abuse but i believe we all understand the desire to walk to the big table and hear someone say “welcome.”
  • dirk gently’s holistic detective agency – book – i love douglas adams’ writing. it’s incredibly funny in an odd english humor sort of way.
  • catwoman – movie – BORING. this movie was a complete waste of time, money, and film.
  • the scarlet letter – book – i can’t believe that i didn’t like this book when i was in high school. it always takes me a few chapters to get back into the language of the book but it is an amazing book. i sometimes think that the books kids or forced to read in high school should be forced to read them later when they can actually enjoy them.

i’ve got allot more to read and watch.

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