is that an ear piece or are you just plain crazy?

today i watched a crazy woman carry on a violent conversation with a burger king sign. i stood in the order line and watched as she shouted, pointed, and responded to this sign for awhile. at least i think she did because as i watched her i suddenly became aware that she might be having a conversation with someone via an ear piece hooked up to a cell phone. that’s the problem with those stupid little ear peices … you can’t tell if you are looking at a crazy person or someone who really loves their cell phone (maybe the are both the same).

now i have to confess that i use an ear piece with my cell phone if i am driving. i definitely feel safer with both hands on my steering wheel. i’m okay with people using cell phone headsets while they are driving – probably because i do it and therefore i somehow few it as acceptable. i still get a little freaked out trying to determine if someone talking while they are driving is a) singing to music, b) arguing with talk radio, c) talking with someone on a cell phone, or d) crazy. yet this is not as bad as the random stranger walking around either talking to their cell phone or to the voices that reside within them that only they can hear. i generally make it a policy to avoid people who are on the side of the road screaming at invisible combatants.

so that’s why i was so intrigued by the lady at burger king. i had to figure out if the lady was crazy or merely in the midst of a heated phone call. the two situations make for very different stories. nobody wants to hear a story about someone talking on a cell phone but a crazy woman screaming at a burger king sign is an entirely different matter. who doesn’t love a good “crazy woman shouting a fast food logo” story? nobody i know. so i searched with my eyes as hard as i could to determine if i was witnessing schizophrenia or clear cell reception. i looked for any sign that there might be an electronic device involved in her conversation but i couldn’t find any. so i’m assuming she was shouting at the voices in her head that she apparently thought were residing within the burger king sign. of course, who can really blame her? every knows that burger king signs are evil.

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