hello there idiot

the day my truck broke down in mississippi
pam and i are part of the less than one percent of the world that owns two vehicles. pam’s ’98 mazada 626 (with 140,000 miles) resides at night inside our garage while my ’98 ford explorer (with 118,000 miles) sits in our driveway most nights. i say “most nights” because when either of my boys want to play basketball i have to move the truck to the side of the street. yesterday was such a day.

i pulled the truck in front of my house and let the boys play a little bball. i left “fred”, my truck, on the side of the street over night. when i woke up this morning and went out to the truck i discovered that i had apprently left the doors unlocked during the evening. the way i know this is because someone had gone through my glovebox and console storage and thrown everything out. i’m assuming this was in an attempt to find some money or something of value. of course, the theif that broke into my car was an idiot and therefore nothing was missing. i can safely safe that he/she was an idiot because i had left my $1,000 guitar in the back of the truck and it was still there this morning. he/she didn’t even steal noah’s fossil watch in the change consol which would have at least netted the perp a few bucks. all the idiot was able to do was throw a few papers around the truck. this is one of the reasons why they say “crime doesn’t pay” because most of the people breaking into vehicles and homes are too stupid to make anything from it.

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  1. Or maybe someone came by that scared him/her off before they could take anything? *shrugs* Maybe you’re just very fortunate that something scared the theif off before any damage took place.

  2. i hadn’t thought of that. i think i stil prefer to think that he/she was an idiot. either way i am very thankful that nothing was missing.

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