yesterday’s lunch

we ate too much cheese

wednesday are always busy around the youth and college ministry office at parkview. yesterday was no exception to that. though it was busy all of us still wanted a decent meal for lunch and none of us had actually brought our lunch to church with us. we decided to go to vodoo bbq – which was very good. sometime during the lunch jonathan, who loves to have his picture taken, decided he was going to force my hand and get me to take a couple of photos of him hugging people. so i obliged. along the way it suddenly became funny for the person jonathan was hugging to change their face from a smile to what i like to refer to as their “i’ve eaten too much cheese” face. i though the result was pretty funny look.

in order to the full effect you really need to look at this photo in at least a medium size but if you are truly brave then you might want to look at the large size.

[Listening to: The Other Way of Stopping – The Police – Zenyatta Mondatta (3:22)]

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