i dropped the ball

as many of you know sunday we as a church are spending some time dealing with true love waits and trying to honor GOD with our relationships. three or four weeks ago i typed up the letter to send out to our youth ministry families and emailed it to jessica, my assistant. the only problem was that i didn’t actually email it to jessica. instead i apparently saved it as a draft and never mailed it. i found this out last night. so the letter was mailed today. if you are on our mailing list you should get it by saturday or you could just downloaded it from here.

UPDATE – i have apparently confused at least one person with this entry over whether or not we will still have the ring ceremony this sunday so i’m updating this entry to correct any confusion. since, i did at least catch my mistake in time for us to have the ceremony this sunday we will continue to have the ceremony sunday, february 12, 2006. sorry for the confusion.

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