our own self-interest?

the onion had an interesting article from the right reverend michael barrodale. rev. barrodale “honestly” declares “i am but a vessel through which GOD drones on indefinitely” and that none of what he says or does comes from his own needs or interests. of course, rev. barrodale is unlike most of the minsters i know, including myself, who have to constantly be on the watch for where their own needs and desires sneak into the ministry. i have to admit that i enjoy people wanting my opinion on things. i enjoy people considering what i say as important. if i’m not careful this enjoyment can begin to direct my actions within the ministry in which i am involved. i can start forcing my opinion and voice into conversations.

it happens in ministries all around us. if you are in the ministry you’ve probably seen ministers whose own interest, desires, and psychological needs have begun to direct their actions within their ministry. sometimes they speak longer and louder because they need to, rather than because GOD truly wants them to. if you’ve been to seminary you’ve probably seen people that if you had to guess you would probably guess were studying to be a minister merely because of their own needs and desires – they need to be someone important, to have some clout. the real problem for me here is that it’s just to easy for me to do this too and thus it’s not a problem that just “they” have.

i have to watch out for this all the time. i want to be someone who follows GOD’s desires rather than merely placing HIS name on my own agendas.

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