the camera has been purchased

i finally bought it. i’ve been saving up for awhile and with a little negotiating i was finally able to get a dslr. for a year now i’ve been researching out which camera would most meet my needs (price versus abilities). i didn’t want to buy a camera that would be below what i would use it for but i also now how limited my abilities are and therefore i didn’t want to waste my money and buy a camera that i would never actually use most of. the nikon d50 seems the best fit for me. it’s a strong camera but not too much for an ameteur like me.

it’s has been purchased. now i have to wait for ups to deliver it. in 10 days this puppy will be mine. here’s the deal i got on it.

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  1. You just wann be so much like Alan huh,you miss him that much you have to go get a camera like his

    hey guess what I goticetunes speaker stereo system for my ipod

    paid almost 70 bucks at walmart itn even charges my ipod

    ya bout a nikon Robert that a good brand aweful name but good brand

    Robert I have been missing you there was no one to harrass this weekend
    Clint no substatute my Friend you have been missed not just fir harrassing perpuses but it was lonely here with out ya

    love ya robert take care see you tomarrow

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