little rock

pickled pig lips
as many of you know my family and i went up to little rock, arkansas to preach at grace church. apparently the rumors have it that i went up there “in view of a call” (southern baptist lingo for “i’m getting my butt out of here”). i say “apparently” because i have already been asked twice since coming to the church office if this morning if i am leaving the church to go to little rock. if you were hoping that this is true then i have sad news for you – i’m not!

i went up to little rock to spend a little time with a friend, grant, and get to speak to a group of people who will think i’m an expert (rather than the moron that you know me to be). grant is doing me a favor by coming down and speaking at our discipleNOW (march 17-19) and thus i was going to do him a favor and fill in on one of his sundays for him. turns out that i didn’t even get to preach because little rock was engulfed by a huge ice storm and tons of church services were cancelled.

sorry folks but you’re stuck with me for a good while longer.

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  1. Sorry for starting the rumor. I guess I’ll have to see you Wednesday!! “Bye” the way, Kevin was awesome in Sunday School…I like that kid!

  2. fixed. aren’t you glad you live in england, where they don’t eat pickled pig lips? of course, i would imagine y’all have your delicacies also.

  3. Lies! Lies!! You’re NOT SANTA!!!

    Actually, we offered him the job of our janitor. But Robert said he didn’t clean toilets. I told him he didn’t have too – make Adam do it.

    That didn’t go over very well either.

    the truth of the matter – he never came to Little Rock because Little Rock doesn’t exist. In fact, I’ve never heard of Robert Terrell. Grace Church doesn’t exist either. Neither does Grant English.

    Neither does your mom.

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