d50 report #4

good news! according to ups’ website the d50 has been found and is “out for delivery” (this also means that the ups delivery person is also okay – which is almost as good of news as the d50 being found). of course, what will really happen is that ups will try to deliver the camera to the church after the church has actually closed for the day. barring another wreck or nikon d50 camera-napping i should have my camera monday. oh happy day.

the fun thing that has happened today is that the walters brought their two dogs (a beagle and a miniature dachshund) over to stay at our house for a week. the walters are going up to indiana to she sharon’s mom. they needed someone to watch their dogs and i just so happen to be a dog person and pam just so happens to be a nice person (but not a dog person unfortunately). this means we now have three dogs in the house running after each other. montana, the greatest basset hound in the world, usually feels like she desires all of your attention when she is awake (about 50% of the time). now she could cares less if i am around – she has other dogs to play with. it’s fun to watch.

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  1. hey Robert i quit Blogger so i no longer have a bloger account

    ,but I did get a wordpress blog i am gonna see how it gos if not I might be deleteing it too I love xanga and MSN has a cool blog service now too but anyway i want more than Xanga but yet I don’t want something that a pain in the next to update ,like myspace I know Adam loves it I checked it pout and like several people I know beside Alison Ritchmen it confused me.

    I will for ever be a blog junky and stay that way as long as they have the bookmarking too on browsers.

    I am open to suggestion if you have any on blogs

  2. hey robert the word for you with ordering ur cameras and being that parnoid is the word Ilike to call OBSESSED OR OBSESSION

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