some days are really good

some days just make me feel really good about being involved within ministry. yesterday was such a day. here the stuff that happened during the day:

  • early morning (roughly 8 to 9 a.m.) – study the old testament concept of “herem” and how it relates to our lives.
  • morning (roughly 9 to 10 a.m.) – discussion with a student for a paper on paul tillich – how does a struggle with “being” and “nothingness” relate to every day life? how do you disagree with someone and yet still recognize the truth that is found within what they are saying?
  • late morning (roughly 11-12 a.m.) – discussion with an adult volunteer concerning GOD’s sovereignty and the current very painful situation that she is going through.
  • ealry afternoon (roughly 1 to 2 p.m.) – one of my former youth comes over for a visit after getting back from his army tour of duty in iraq. we debrief for awhile and i am humbled as he talks about his difficulties being in church now after a year of being told to never make himself vulnerable by placing himself in a situation that involves a mass of people who he doesn’t know (he had to get up and leave his first sunday in church with his girlfriend in another city because he kept having the idea of being an easy target flash through his head).
  • afternoon – finished my preparation for our wednesday worship. because of the nature of “herem” i get to smash things with a mallet and this requires preparation.
  • evening – youth worship with me smashing a cantaloupe with a huge mallet during the service. it was a blast.
  • evening (after the service) – spend time talking with a teen who is going through some faith struggles right now. i spent most of my time listening to him as he talked through his struggles and tried to find answers.
  • late evening (roughly 8 to 10 p.m.) – i sat in a discussion group that one of the adult volunteers who works within the youth ministry has started. it was the first time that i had been his student. it was a cool experience.

it was a good day.

of course, there are other days when the closest thing to significance i did was put together some graphic slides of quotes to show during our announcement slide loop (i.e. the images attached to this post).


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  1. Treasure days like that and they will always help you through those that are not as good!

    BTW, loving the youth pastor Gallagher fruit smashing.

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