here’s mud in your eye – and everywhere else too

after i fell in the creek
friday was adam’s birthday and all he wanted to do was have a few friends over to our local park for some air soft wars. so we let him invite a small group of friends and set everything up for these guys and one girl to shoot each other till the cows came home. unfortunately, one of adam’s friends didn’t show up and this left uneven teams. that was fine for the time that the kids were just running around shouting each other. but when i introduced them to the idea of capture the flag with the air soft guns there suddenly became a need for an additional player. not to worry because i love capture the flag and putting the ability to shoot people with plastic pellets into the mix just makes it that much more fun. so i joined the game.

i figured i would show this young whipper snappers how a real man plays caputre the flag. i started off fast and quickly found the other teams flag. shouting to my team to cover me i started to run back to our side of the field with the flag in hand. it was a great moment. the fans were cheering, my openents were standing in awe, and my children where beaming with pride that i was their dad. at least that’s the way i saw it until i went to jump over the creek (our center line) and win the game. my foot caught a root and instead of jumping to victory i did a header into the mud surrounding the creek. this is what i looked like after the face first dive into the mud.

it’s sad that i’m 38 years old and still a klutz.

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