not blogging enough

according to my mother i haven’t been blogging enough. i learned along time ago that it is not a good idea to upset my mother (she looks all nice and calm on the outside but when she blows up it’s a raging inferno of calmness). so in an attempt to keep my mom in her normal calm attitude i decided to post. unfortunately i don’t really have anything to post about.

i could post about the fact that i wish i drove a tractor and had the right to run over people who would rather talk to their passengers or on their cell phone rather than drive – i hate when they continue talking and just assume that you are honking at someone else – surely they couldn’t be the idiot that you are honking and waving angrily at.

i guess i could also post about my turning into the saint patrick’s day police this week. about half the people i ran into during the week where wearing kelly green merely days before saint patrick’s day. i can’t say why but this bothered me. i found myself telling people that they had messed up by wearing kelly green on the wrong day. i never care what other people wear. it just doesn’t matter to me. yet, for some reason st. patrick’s day has developed an unknown meaning to me and therefore must be celebrated an appropriate manner.

i could also post about the fact that for the first time in years i am not in a march madness pool. i couldn’t find one to join this year and i didn’t start one on my own. it’s sad. i don’t feel as connected to the ncaa basketball tournament now. i’ve watched a little bit of the tourni but i haven’t been rabid about it and i know it’s the result of not being in a bracket competition. i did watch the iowa/northwestern state game today and shouted out loud when northwestern sunk the three pointer that won it.

i could also post about the fact that we will go to fort worth, texas april 13-17 to work with the beautiful feet ministries. i love going there.

still i think i’ll just post that i just finished clipping montana’s nails and boy was it exciting.

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  1. Do you want me to forward you my bracket picks so you have some teams to root for?

    So for another post idea….I listened to the view recording you had here (where every one was to listen at the same time), so for those of us in geek land, give us an update…how did that go?

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