my library

come a little closer and you will have fallen into my trap!
i used to have my study library cataloged and labeled. the reason for this is that i am constantly using books, recommending books, and loaning my books out. it becomes a problem when i can’t figure out where a book is on my shelves or who has it. i did this when i was in missouri five years ago and everything got mixed up when i moved to baton rouge. in addition to this i have obviously acquired allot more books in the past five years. this all basically means that my library is a mess.

when i couldn’t find a certain book last week i reached my boiling point. i had been promising that i would organize my books again soon and not finding this one book was the last straw. something had to be done. what has been done is that i have started entering my books into library thing. i’ve committed to entering twenty books a day and i usually do more than that just by taking advantage of the spare wasted moments of my day.

if you would like to see what is in my library (only a small part has been entered thus far) you can look at my catalog here.

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