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simple life week #1 title slide
i haven’t blogged on this blog in quite sometime. it’s partially because i’ve been more excited about photography (i finally was able to get a nikon d50) and partially because i simply haven’t felt like blogging about ministry.

anyway that has been changing over the past few weeks and i finally decided it was time to post something. over the next three weeks i will be speaking at our mid-week worship service about living a life of simplicity. i meet each week with a group whose desire is to make each week’s worship service something experiential and special. while we were talking about the message series which i was calling “the simple way” (in an ode to some friends in philadelphia) one of the people within the group said “is that supposed to be making fun of the paris hilton/nicole richie show ‘the simple life’?” once we heard it everything was settled. we had to make a mock “the simple life” trailer. we decided to do one for each week that was focused on the point of each week’s message.

so here’s this weeks video dealing with the need within a simple lifestyle to be able to say “no” to things, even some things that are good.

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