the newest member of the family

name me
since pam and i have finally landscaped our front yard (though the north side of the house still needs to be completed) i am now at a point where i get to buy a garden gnome. i love garden gnome. i think they are cheesy and that’s basically the reason that i love them. now i need to make sure you know that i’m not a big fan of villages of garden gnomes. you won’t find gnomes swinging, or riding, or gathering in visible groups in my dream yeard. you see it’s really just the thought of a hidden gnome within the garden that i like.i think it’s funny.

so after convincing pam that i would hide him well i have finally bought my own garden gnome. the photo above is my gnome. he is from the same style family as the gnome i used two years ago as a part of a message series i did at the youth ministry’s worship service. he should be here in a week.

now i have to come up with a name for him and a good spot in the garden.

6 Replies to “the newest member of the family”

  1. Too bad it isn’t a female gome…could have called her misgnomer.

    It really doens’t matter what he’s called. A rose is still and Rose. What’s in a Gnome?

    What ever you call him, you’re always Gnomber 1 with me.

    I should have caught you before you bought. Since I missed you, I’ll live my gnome and message after the beep.

  2. I have to get in on Arnold’s fun! How about naming him Pyle….you know for Gnomer Pyle, I loved that show. Suprise, Surprise!!!

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