12 pounds or $2500

i presently weight more than i have ever weighted in my life. i tip the scales right now at 199 pounds. weight is usually not a very important thing for me. i’m not real concerned with being skinny. i usually eat what i like and exercise when i feel like it. weight just isn’t that big of a deal for me, but buying clothes is. actually not buying clothes is a big deal to me. i hate buying clothes. i enjoy being slightly (and sometimes abundantly) out of style. i can’t stand the thought of wasting money on clothes that will only be in fashion for a little while. it also seems to me that clothes feel better the longer you wear them. usually i wear my clothes until they fall apart and then i get whatever is on sale.

about four weeks ago my weight became an issue because i was having a hard time fitting into my pants. i usually weight between 185 and 195 pounds. four weeks ago i tipped the scales at 211 pounds and my pants were showing and i was feeling it. i knew something had to give so i started exercising again (i have to admit that i haven’t really exercised since hurricane katrina) and eating lunch out less. in the past four weeks i have dropped 12 pounds and my pants fit better again (though still not perfect).

tonight i discovered that i have a choice to make. you see the pennington company is doing medical research on slightly overweight people and 211 pounds at my height is the minimum to be in their study. if you are a part of their study they will help you lose weight, give your free medical treatment, and pay you $2500 at the end of the 16 week study. so now i have to figure out if i should gain the weight back (and buy some new pants) or continue on my path to 185 pounds. 🙂

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