Statue of Liberation?

Statue of Liberation
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something is really wrong with our faith when we combine national symbols with the symbols of our faith. the powers of rome and judea feared what CHRIST represented because they saw that HE was dangerous to their hold on power. this doesn’t seem to really fit in with the MESSIANIC JEWISH REVOLUTIONARY that the new testament portrays.

now don’t get me wrong. i love my country. i haven’t been all over the world but i’ve been to western europe, easten europe, and central america and i like the system we have here in the u.s. of a. better than anything else i have experienced. yet, i don’t like it enough to worship it. being a citizen of the united states is not where my first loyalty lies. nope it’s a different kingdom that holds my highest loyalty and i constantly struggle to make sure nothing else (money, power, consumerism, etc) gets in the way of that loyalty.

i can’t see that a “statue of liberation” would be a good thing.

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