falling up

1 mile away from gulfport
every now and then you fall up (which means something bad happens and fixing it turns into an advantage for you). last week the fam and i went to go on vacation to stone mountain, georgia. we were real excited about the trip because 1) it would be fun, and 2) my parents had recently acquired a pop-up camper and we were going to get to use it. unfortunately our dream of a vacation at stone mountain ended about 70 miles north of mobile, alabama when the engine in my truck “gave up the ghost.” my truck threw a connecting rod and though this could be fixed it would cost more than putting a new engine in the truck. so we headed back to mobile and my dad started making a few phone calls some of his friends to find an engine for the truck. the engine he found has a hefty price tag to it … it’s free if my dad and mom will drive an r.v. to savannagh, georgia for the guy who owns the engine. so basically my parents get a free trip to savannah, georgia for a vacation and i get a free engine.

this was great but then the deal got even sweeter earlier today. this afternoon my dad called me and said that the guy who owned the “parts” truck that had my new engine in it is simply going to crush the “parts” truck after the engine is removed from it. therefore, the guy said i could have anything i want off of it. so my dad started listing things from the “parts” truck that could be put on my truck, such as:

  • running boards – i don’t have these
  • moon roof – i don’t have one
  • driver’s side seat – the leather on mine is worn
  • door hanndles – i have a broken one on one back door
  • etc., etc., etc.

of course, all of this is possible because of my “wheelen, dealen” dad. thanks dad.

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