finally committed

i’ve been trying to become a runner over the past nine weeks. i committed to cool running’s couch to 5k plan with the goal of running a 5k race at the end of the summer. well i’ve finished the training program and the summer is over so now it’s time for the 5k race. this saturday, after the youth ministry works on mr. lamm’s house, i will be running in the club south runners’ twilight classic.

i wanted to see how fast my blazing self is compared to those that race in last year’s race so i looked at the race results from last year’s run. i discovered that there were 184 men that ran the twilight classic last year and based on their times only 155 would have beaten me. of course, most of the them were either over 80 or below 10 but that doesn’t really matter. more than likely i won’t be the slowest runner out there. there are at least 29 men from last year that are slower than me. in some countries that would make me a speed demon. therefore i believe that i get to taunt the slower runners. ahhh. the smell of nowhere-near-victory-but-still-not-losing.

btw, i also can run faster than 46 of the women that ran last year. i believe i may taunt them too.

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