part of ministry that i really love is making visits … especially hospital visits. it always seems to happen that i get the chance to be involved within significant moments during my weekly (and sometime more often) visits to each of our baton rouge hospitals. i may not like the traffic getting to the hospitals but 95% of the time i love the visits.

todays visits were not hugely amazing but one was quite funny. i went to visits an elderly woman who could barely hear anything. of course, since her lacking of hearing is more age related than anything she has never consider the possibility of acquiring hearing aides. this means that my short visit with her consisted of my shouting, her responding that she couldn’t hear me, and then me shouting louder. the conversation went allot longer than the content conveyed within it would normally taken. i think all that the lady actually was able to make out from all that i said was “hi!.” of course, everyone else in the wing knew exactly what church i am a minister of and why this lady was on our prayer list.

you may not know this but they don’t really like you shouting in hospitals. thus when i left the lady’s room i was given tons of nasty looks and a couple of “shhhh’s”. i guess they hadn’t been any of the nurses taking care of the lady i visited.

[Listening to: 06 – The Kingdom – Caedmon’s Call – Back Home (4:30)]

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