we’ve gone too far forward

technology has advanced too far and it is now causing me problems. the past few days i have been working on one of our computers. after trying desperately to discover why that fine piece of quality workmanship known as micro$oft xp was continually crashing on my system i was finally able to discover that xp doesn’t like the version of awardbios that i have on this particular desktop computer. the answer for fixing the poor relationship between micro$ft and awardbios was to get an upgrade for my bios. when i downloaded the bios upgrade and read the directions i discovered that i needed to create a bootdisk from a 3.5″ floopy disk. the problem is that i didn’t know where any floopy disks where. i searched all over the house to find an old, stray one.

zip. nada. nothing.

i would have considered burning a bootable cd with the necessary files on it but i didn’t have any cd’s around either.

have we progressed too far? i think we may have.

my run for the day
distance – 6.0 miles
time – 58:10
pace – 9:41/mile

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