the weirdest thing has occurred today – well actually it isn’t really the weirdest thing, that would be me singing on and winning american idol, but this thing is at least a little odd. it has been two days since i ran the first light half marathon and i finally have the first part of my body that hurts. it’s my … shoulder that hurts. i don’t have any idea why my shoulder would hurt so bad but it is definitely painful. i don’t remember running on my hands but perhaps i did. that would at least explain why my shoulder hurts so bad. i think next time i will run on my hands and maybe my leg will hurt instead.

SIDE NOTE – who dat?

SIDE NOTE – on my runs i am presently listening to john krakauer’sinto the wild” about the death of christopher mccandless in the wilderness of alaska. mccanless was a young man you wanted to live out a jack london/henry thoreau/leo tolstoy lifestyle that pushed him to some pretty far extremes. it’s a fascinating book thus far.

my run for the day
distance – 5.1 miles
time – 53:02
pace – 10:23/mile

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